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Bee-hind the scenes: Sustainability at Caledon Ski Club

Picture of the General Manager and Head of Operations look up at a large metal compressor on a flat bed truck.Each year Caledon Ski Club has new capital projects to update or improve some aspect of the Club. Some projects are easier to spot than others; The addition of the West Lodge Bar, a new Quad replacing our last Triple. Some other changes are less visible, but not any less important. These behind the scenes changes all come from Caledon Ski Club’s commitment to lowering our overall environmental impact. We thought you might like to know what has changed recently, and what is upcoming!

Our new compressor. In the summer of 2018, our Operations Crew replaced three of the Club’s aging compressors with a state-of-the-art single unit. These mammoths of machinery are what power our snowmaking all throughout the winter and make the snow that you ski on every day. With newer and better technology, we are able to lower the Club’s annual electricity needs, lower our water consumption, and our yearly repair costs. Replacing the compressors did not make sense only financially, but lowers our ecological footprint significantly.

A new garbage bin beside a recycling bin. Both are located beside a ski rack covered in skis.

Garbage and Recycling. Have you ever noticed how nice the garbage and recycling bins are at Caledon? That has nothing to do with vanity. In recent years Caledon switched to the CleanRiven bins, made from 97% recycled material. These bins do not rust like metal, are extremely durable, and are very visible. Studies have shown that the more visible different types of bins are, the more likely someone is to separate their trash. Properly separated bins lead to less waste, less in our landfills, and more reaching recycling facilities. Small changes like this have a surprisingly large impact.


Beer taps including Caledon Hills, Hockley Dark, Steigle and Steamwhistle.
Staying Local: Whenever we can, Caledon reaches out to local vendors and suppliers first. Working within the community supports the people directly around us. It lowers travel costs, gas consumption, and supports the local economy. Just take a look at our bar: Steamwhistle, Caledon Hills, Goodlot, and Hockley Dark.



A honey bee sitting on a yellow flower on top of green grass.

Bees! Have you seen the honey in the Caledon Kiosk? Come out and visit the Club this summer and you can see the workers making next year’s crop. In the summer of 2018 Caledon Ski Club brought in 11 hives to the property. Bees have had a tough time lately and the addition to the Club improves the local environment and gives these little guys some extra space to live. Not to mention our Members will enjoy a tasty treat.

Lighting the Club: You might have recently seen someone taking pictures throughout the Club. He took pictures off almost every wall and ceiling in both lodges. Caledon is running a complete audit of our lighting ahead of a conversion to low cost LED lighting. Where this might not be as big as a 14,000lbs compressor, every little bit helps.


Helping the environment does not stop there. If you have an idea or suggestion bring it up! Come talk to us. Email Doug at deriksen@caledonskiclub.on.ca. Call us at 519-927-5221 ex 225 or talk to the Board at next years AGM. We want to hear from you. 

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