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EV Chargers at Caledon

Do you drive an electric vehicle? The Caledon Ski Club currently has four chargers available for your use. Two located at the West Lodge againsts Mississauga Road. Two are located at the Main Lodge, in the lower lot against Sidewinder. Please take a moment to review the instructions below. 

When approaching an available Charger at the Office Back Parking Lot, please follow these directions:
The charger will have a blue authentication light displayed as seen in the image below, please perform the following steps: 

Step 1: Scan the QR Code on the charger that you wish to charge with or select the charger from list of available chargers in the App. 
Step 2: If needed, please download the eVGateway app from the App Store or Play Store.
Step 3: Please sign in to the EVGateway app with your account. 
Step 4: Ensure that the QR code you scan matches up with the Charger ID you wish to charge (i.e WBA ##)
Step 5: Once the charger is selected, please press charge now, wait 10 seconds and you should see the front display change from the blue authentication light to white and your vehicle should begin to charge. 
Step 6: Please check your vehicles display to ensure charging has begun.  

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